Mount Sinai PTO Scholarships

Matthew Berkowitz Achievement Award                * Plans to attend vocational, technical, trade
Two-$500                                                                  school or apprentice/work program

                                                                                * Teacher recommendation (See Guidance Dept.
additional requirements.)
                                                                                * IEP/General/Regents Diploma

Robin Costa
Liberal Arts Award                               * GPA 90+
Three-$500                                                               * Attend 2/4 year college/university

                                                                                 * Teacher recommendation
                                                                                 * Essay 
                                                                                 * Extra-curricular
activities required

Citizenship Scholarship Award                                 * GPA 80+
Three-$500                                                               * Attend 2/4 year college/university
                                                                                 * Essay
                                                                                 * Member of service organization during High School

Academic Excellence Award                                     * Awarded to students in the top 10% of class
Two-$500                                                                 * Attend 2/4 year college/university
                                                                                  * Teacher recommendation

                                                                                  * Essay required

Courage Achievement Award                                     * Teacher recommendation
One-$500                                                                   * Brief (less than 750 words)
essay describing the 
                                                                                     challenges the student
has overcome and how that                                                                                          process has changed him or her
                                                                                   * Offered to one student (male or female) who has                                                                                         overcome significant challenges or hardships in
                                                                                      completing their studies
                                                                                   * Selection based on
essay, academic record,  and                                                                                       teacher recommendation
                                                                                    * Attend a post-secondary institution